Lab-Grown Diamond

Diamonds are God’s gift to the world.


Diamond tells a story of timeless love and express our beauty through gemstone.

Lab-grown diamonds are man-made in laboratory and have similar composition, crystal structure and physical properties like natural diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds are conflict free and can be better for the environment according to Jewellery Focus and Human Rights Report.

De Beers, renowned for producing and mining natural diamonds is set to launch lab- grown diamond Jewellery called Lightbox in September 2018.

There seem to be a trend for lab-grown diamonds with customers and De Beers have invested millions to take advantage of the new trend.

Both natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds have its place in the Jewellery industry.

Natural diamonds are flawless, break taking and God’s gifts.


Written by Nike Ademuyiwa


Top Five Wedding Jewellery Tips

Wedding Jewellery is a timeless piece that is exquisite and crafted with precious metals from gold, diamonds and platinum.


Jewellery By Tanishq 

When shopping for wedding jewellery below are some tips that can  help you choose a stunning piece.


  • Buy from an accredited jewellery designer, shop or online seller that is registered to associations like National Association of Jewellers;
  • Have a budget in mind so that you don’t over spend;
  • Be bold and ask for a discount;
  • Ask for clarification about the different types of metal that will suit your personality and
  • Check your precious jewellery is hallmark. Hallmark is an official mark on items made of precious metals from platinum, gold etc.

Written By Nike Ademuyiwa

Tink. Wedding. Tink. Irresistible Jewellery

Diamond(The Lesotho Promise)

“Diamonds are beautiful, mysterious and rare. And every now and then a miracle of nature occurs” Laurence Graff.

In August 2006 one of the most beautiful diamond in the world was discovered known as ‘The Lesotho Promise’. The diamond was the 15th largest diamond and the 10th largest diamond the world had ever known stated  by Marijan Dundek.  The Lesotho Promise diamond was 603 carats in the rough and weighed 120 grams. The Lesotho Promise diamond was later purchased by Laurence Graff of Graff Diamonds.


Diamonds are timeless love and irresistible touch.

Written By Nike Ademuyiwa

Tink. Jewels. Tink. Irresistible Diamonds

Diamond Engagement Ring Trend(Lady Gaga)

Lady Gaga’s heart shape diamond engagement ring is ravishing yet timeless.  Diamond heart shape is an unusual diamond shape compared to round shapes. I love diamond heart shape because of its alluring shape which represents romance.


Diamonds are gift from nature

 Diamond Shape Personality Type

The shape of diamond  you buy  should suit her personality type.

Round Shape: Easy to get along with, simple and dependable.

Marquise: Experimental, exciting, innovative and extorted.

Heart: Sentimental and creative, feminine and sensitive.





Nike Ademuyiwa

Travel(Antwerp Diamond Fair 2015)

Antwerp is famous for diamond and its the second largest city and municipality in Belgium.



Myself and Mr Marijan Dundek(Diamond consultant at Graff Diamonds and author of best-selling  guide Diamonds.




Myself  and Jane Jiang(Chinese fashion TV producer, editor, writer and presenter) beautiful lady.





Divorce and jewellery

Wedding jewellery is an emotional and sometimes high value investment in ones’ life and represent symbols of one’s love. Oops! but what happens with your engagement and wedding rings after divorce?


220px-Diana,_Princess_of_WalesPrincess Diana.

It is important to decide the worth of the engagement, wedding rings, jewellery gifts and watches because If the jewellery pieces has a high value compared to other assets it may make the overall  financial settlement difficult to do.

The UK legislation under  Section 3(2) of  the Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1970 (2) states  that the gift of an engagement ring shall be presumed to be an absolute gift; this presumption may be rebutted by proving that the ring was given on the condition, express or implied, that it should be returned if the marriage did not take place for any reason. 

Katie Holmes got to  keep her jewellery following her divorce to Tom Cruise and Princess Diana kept her jewellery after divorce to Prince Charles.

There are some engagement rings considered  as family heirlooms  that family members pass down for generations. The husband’s family line might want the family heirloom back. However, this conception is hard to impose, as the word heirloom is not  defined in UK law.

fancy diamond

A  prenuptial agreement will help reduce disputes over heirlooms and jewellery etc, if the marriage ends.


Jewellery Resource for valuation

  • Jewellery Designers from British Jewellery Association;
  • Goldsmiths company( and
  • Hatton Gardens Jewellers.

Legal Advice

About Author

Nike Ademuyiwa, a member of the British Jeweller Association, is a jewellery expert with many years of experience in the jewellery industry. She is the creative director of Tink Jewellery a brand which tells people’s personal story either of love, life and style into the art of jewellery creation




Wedding Band Trend(Micro pavé)

Micro pavé is the latest wedding band trend which most most celebrities are wearing. George Clooney’s who recently got married gave Amal Alamuddin(wife) a Micro pavé wedding band which was stunning just like his wife.

Micro pavé is a technique used in the jewellery industry where small diamonds known as melee are set in multiple rows.

 Harry Winston and De Beers have the Micro pavé wedding band which is timeless yet elegant.

george-clooney-alma-alamuddin-married-wedding-ring-ffn-1 george-clooney-alma-alamuddin-married-first-pics-wedding-spl-3

Harry Winston Micropavé Band Ring. 49 round brilliant diamonds, total weight 0.28 carats; platinum setting.


De Beers Aura Yellow round Micro pavé diamond in yellow gold.


Picture Copyright

Amal Alamuddin

Harry Winston

De Beers

About Author

Nike Ademuyiwa, a member of the British Jeweller Association, is a jewellery expert with many years of experience in the jewellery industry. She is the creative director of Tink Jewellery a brand which tells people’s personal story either of love, life and style into the art of jewellery creation

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