Your touch is like open heaven,

gentle whispers in the dark.

Raindrops of kiss through time,

sunlight up all night.

Hands drumming in silent,

we touch our heart in distance.

My heart touches your soul,

and together we wear our heart of

love to tell our story.

heart pendent

Image Courtney of Tink Jewellery.

Written by Nike Ademuyiwa

Diamond Engagement Ring Trend(Lady Gaga)

Lady Gaga’s heart shape diamond engagement ring is ravishing yet timeless.  Diamond heart shape is an unusual diamond shape compared to round shapes. I love diamond heart shape because of its alluring shape which represents romance.


Diamonds are gift from nature

 Diamond Shape Personality Type

The shape of diamond  you buy  should suit her personality type.

Round Shape: Easy to get along with, simple and dependable.

Marquise: Experimental, exciting, innovative and extorted.

Heart: Sentimental and creative, feminine and sensitive.





Nike Ademuyiwa

Travel(Antwerp Diamond Fair 2015)

Antwerp is famous for diamond and its the second largest city and municipality in Belgium.



Myself and Mr Marijan Dundek(Diamond consultant at Graff Diamonds and author of best-selling  guide Diamonds.




Myself  and Jane Jiang(Chinese fashion TV producer, editor, writer and presenter) beautiful lady.





Coral Beads and the popularity among the Nigeria Culture

Jewellery is a symbol of love, art and  story of life journey. Woman are one of the rarest gemstones on earth and are meticulously hand selected by their maker. Women around the world love gemstones especially during their engagement or wedding to enhance their beauty.

In Nigeria both men and women love Precious Coral Beads during their traditional wedding and its also part of a certain culture in Nigeria.

Precious coral or red coral is the common name given to Corallium rubrum and several related species of marine coral.The distinctive attribute of precious corals is their durable and intensely colored red or pink skeleton, which is used for making jewellery.

Precious coral is more popular than any other gemstone in Nigeria due to its richness in color and the bold statement which is express through clothing and other adornments worn at weddings.

Some part of Nigeria like the Igbos and Edos Coral beads is a symbol of royalty or one who has a chieftaincy title. There are some shapes of coral beads that only Chief wears.  Corals beads used in Edo are different from those got from the North of Nigeria, in Yoruba land and the Eastern part of Nigeria.

Coral beads are mainly imported from italy and Singapore to Nigeria and are quite expensive. Some retailers take the coral beads to Dubai to get them customized  into a design of their clients choice. Also, gold are used  as part of designing  any necklace or earrings for a more unique and personal touch.

Sterling silver are never use to design coral beads because it is  perceive  not to give the bride and groom an elegant and exquisite look during their engagement ceremony.

The famous place to buy coral beads in the UK is in Liverpool street close to petticoat Lane market and retailers are mainly Nigerians.  Clients choice their precious coral beads that range from £50 and it is string together in the shop. Ready made corals beads designs are also displayed for the clients to have an an idea of the styles.

Coral Beads are not just simply ornamental, but are believed to have effective power (ase), that is, the power to cause any vow or curse to come to pass. Wearing of Coral beads is a crucial component of what gives an Oba(King) divine powers. This believe is also used in the Nigeria movie industry called Nollywood to write script which portrays different scenarios when an Oba forbids  a person never to return  to the village due to been dishonest. The word of an Oba is food for thoughts and must never be taken likely due to the believe of the divine powers of an Oba. People waits hours to see an Oba because he can change their  situation by praying for them and it would come to pass.

“Ikele”, (meaning royalty) is an important coral beads in Benin. It signifies recognition and greatness.  Another significance of the bead is that it is only the Oba that can give it out to those who have achieved greatness in the Kingdom.  It is an honor to be recognize by an Oba because people then respect them more in their community.

Below is a picture of Nigeria leading actress Mercy Johnson wearing Coral beads  as a necklace and hair accessory in her traditional wedding. The picture is an example of  how Nigeria woman use coral beads to enhance their beauty. Mercy’s coral beads has been designed using gold to tell a tale of beauty and express her wealth in the society.

Coral beads worn in nigeria is a symbol of power, wealth, royalty and beauty.



Peter Okoye of Psquare wearing coral beads on his traditional wedding day.

Picture copyright from Bella Naija

 About Author

Nike Ademuyiwa, a member of the British Jeweller Association, is a jewellery expert with many years of experience in the jewellery industry. She is the creative director of Tink Jewellery a brand which tells people’s personal story either of love, life and style into the art of jewellery creation

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Wedding Band Trend(Micro pavé)

Micro pavé is the latest wedding band trend which most most celebrities are wearing. George Clooney’s who recently got married gave Amal Alamuddin(wife) a Micro pavé wedding band which was stunning just like his wife.

Micro pavé is a technique used in the jewellery industry where small diamonds known as melee are set in multiple rows.

 Harry Winston and De Beers have the Micro pavé wedding band which is timeless yet elegant.

george-clooney-alma-alamuddin-married-wedding-ring-ffn-1 george-clooney-alma-alamuddin-married-first-pics-wedding-spl-3

Harry Winston Micropavé Band Ring. 49 round brilliant diamonds, total weight 0.28 carats; platinum setting.


De Beers Aura Yellow round Micro pavé diamond in yellow gold.


Picture Copyright

Amal Alamuddin

Harry Winston

De Beers

About Author

Nike Ademuyiwa, a member of the British Jeweller Association, is a jewellery expert with many years of experience in the jewellery industry. She is the creative director of Tink Jewellery a brand which tells people’s personal story either of love, life and style into the art of jewellery creation

5 tips before buying an engagement ring

Buying an engagement ring is one of the biggest investment you will make which is that of ‘Love’.


Before you decide to buy from any jeweller or shop  below are some tips to help you.


  •  Decide whether you will buy online, with an independent jeweller or in a jewellery shop. If buying online ensure the jeweller is register with a trade association like British Jeweller Association, Craft Centre e.t.c to ensure ethical trading.
  • The metal of the ring is important whether white gold, gold, platinum e.t.c. I will not advise you to buy silver for an engagement ring expect if your wife to be as requested it or due to financial problems.
  • It is important to know diamonds’4Cs  Cut,  Clarity, Colour  and Carat has it is  important to the value of the diamond.
  • The Personality type of your girlfriend is important because it will determine the shape of the diamond you will buy.
  • It is important to know that there are alternative types of diamonds. Some diamonds are man made in the lab.

About Author

Nike Ademuyiwa, a member of the British Jeweller Association, is a jewellery expert with many years of experience in the jewellery industry. She is the creative director of Tink Jewellery a brand which tells people’s personal story either of love, life and style into the art of jewellery creation.

Instagram: Tinkjewelleryuk

Wedding proposals Tips(Romantic Words)

Marriage on your mind? Tell your love story through romantic words and diamonds.
Romantic Words 
The candle of love is alight and fire burns in my soul,
I am slowly melting In the heat you have lit,
The heavens are pouring I can’t hold still,
so I am swimming in it like a fish.
Without you I’ll drown.
Tell me, when we can burn together in this fire
and puff the smoke of love?
Romantic Words
Singing bird, my silence about the way
I feel for you is making my whole world
Suddenly dark. I love to love you.
Could I be your soul food, singing bird, today.

Exact from Nike Ademuyiwa poetry collection Fire of love and singing birds. 

Love song by Alicia Keys & Maxwell – Fire We Make

Fun Fact About Diamonds

  • Tink love Tink Diamonds Tink Jewellery;
  • Diamonds are graded in the lab by Gemology;
  • Diamonds are expensive because they’re rare and costly to mine;


  • “I never hated a man enough to give him diamonds back”;
  • Blue and red are the rarest colored diamonds;
  • Diamonds are sexy ice gemstone and can be worn as a waist necklace;
  • Diamond are made of carbon and has an icy appeal that be worn as a waist;
  • Romance is an important part of buying any diamond. Shhh!!!! whispers and kiss her tenderly before proposing ;


The Great Gatsby

  • Funny proposal by Queen of Diamonds in Chicago(Aleah Siegel).


Nike Ademuyiwa

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