Top five tips on how to start a jewellery business

I remember when I started my jewellery business and how difficult it was with no formal qualifications In the jewellery trade or friends that were experience in the field. I have learnt through my experiences  in the jewellery industry in the UK for many years. 

The below tips is to support you if you love diamonds, gemstones, fashion beads or experimental jewellery and you are thinking about starting your business. 


(1) To start any jewellery business you need to have a passion because when you start you might not make any  money and your passion will sustain you through hard times. 

(2) it’s worth learning either by going back to college, university, adult course, one off courses, reading through books or audiobooks or e-books. Learning helps you to net work with people of likes minds, learn a new technique, get support and learn to be an expert in your field. It is important to know what area you want to specialise in for example, designer market, jewellery  buyer, diamonds setters  or gemstone buyers, diamond grader, e.t.c

(3) Join a jewellery association like British Jeweller Association or Craft Central. This will help you with marketing tools, trade shows, copy right schemes, mentoring and events in the jewellery industry.

(4)  Start small but think big. For example, getting friends to help design your website, getting friends to sponsor your collection instead of getting a loan(I’m not really keen on starting a business with loans especially because the jewellery business is saturated  and you might not make money as you might expect). 

(5) Identify your unique selling points.  It is important to know what is unique about your brand and tell your story through branding. 

Motivation tools to remember

  • Vision is the end results before you sell it(Sell your vision to your self first);
  • All things are possible just start small;
  • Plaining is not the same as doing. You need to plan and take actions(Don’t just dream)and
  • Surround yourself with reasons why you want to be successful.

About Author

Nike Ademuyiwa, a member of the British Jeweller Association, is a jewellery expert with many years of experience in the jewellery industry. She is the creative director of Tink Jewellery a brand which tells people’s personal story either of love, life and style into the art of jewellery creation.


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