Top Five Wedding Jewellery Tips

Wedding Jewellery is a timeless piece that is exquisite and crafted with precious metals from gold, diamonds and platinum.


Jewellery By Tanishq 

When shopping for wedding jewellery below are some tips that can  help you choose a stunning piece.


  • Buy from an accredited jewellery designer, shop or online seller that is registered to associations like National Association of Jewellers;
  • Have a budget in mind so that you don’t over spend;
  • Be bold and ask for a discount;
  • Ask for clarification about the different types of metal that will suit your personality and
  • Check your precious jewellery is hallmark. Hallmark is an official mark on items made of precious metals from platinum, gold etc.

Written By Nike Ademuyiwa

Tink. Wedding. Tink. Irresistible Jewellery

Christmas Jewellery(Tink Jewellery Competition)

Tink Jewellery are given “You” the opportunity to win a sterling silver pendant.


Visit Tink Jewellery stall at Vintage Christmas and Real Ale Festival from 6 – 8 December 2013 @ the  Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to “win”.

Details of Event:

Tink Jewellery :

Nike Ademuyiwa

How to wear your diamonds(Diamonds)

A black silk  gown, red lipsstick,  a red nail vanish and diamonds earrings with necklace is the perfect sexy look for a romantic dinner.  Wear yours with plenty of attitude!


Loose diamond can be use to customise  a triangular inspired earrings.











Written by Nike Ademuyiwa


How to make jewellery(Pearl Earrings)

Learn how to  make  your own Pearl Earrings  with Tink Jewellery  tips.

(1) To make basic jewellery you will need some flat nose pliers, round nose pliers and jewellery board.

Jewellery board

 (2) Take two pearl beads and put them into the headpin.

Head pin

(3) Use the round or flat pilers and curl the head pin around.


(4) Open the earring hook with your pilers then place unto the curl up you have previously made and use your pliers hook the earring circle together. 



Pearl Earrings are timeless and compliment any outfit.

Written by Nike Ademuyiwa for Tink Jewellery(


Destined to sparkle like a Diamond but i

walk in the shadow of darkness

in a  deserted mining site waiting to be found.

Destined to be laced with the carat of love but got

feather inclusion from within.


Destined to be flawless like an irresistible allure diamond

but never made it through the shelve.

Destined to withstand heat in the midst of other

gemstone but never get the right temperature.

Destined to be a diamond but saddened by the sudden crack.

My tear drops form into diamonds.

Destined to be an astonishing beauty.

Destined to be a Diamond.

Copyright of Nike Ademuyiwa

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