Light in the Fall!!! Happy New Year

The New Year open doors of new opportunities and new discoveries of Love, Beauty, Travel  and Gift of Life. As a lover of Diamonds and Gemstone a sparkle of light is stunning yet breathtaking.

Enjoy the light in your new chapter of life and walk the path of romance, friendship and new beginnings.

Picture of Niagara Falls. The Lights That Refreshs My Soul.

Happy new year


Nike Ademuyiwa


Travel(Antwerp Diamond Fair 2015)

Antwerp is famous for diamond and its the second largest city and municipality in Belgium.



Myself and Mr Marijan Dundek(Diamond consultant at Graff Diamonds and author of best-selling  guide Diamonds.




Myself  and Jane Jiang(Chinese fashion TV producer, editor, writer and presenter) beautiful lady.





Travel & Inspirations(Paris)

The little things around me inspire  me to dream. Travelling opens the door for creativity.  I fell in love with paris on my recent trip.  Paris is the capital and most populous city of France. City of Romance.

My pictures from The Eiffel Tower, Paris.  








The little things that makes life worth living. Think small.


Nike Ademuyiwa

Whoops! found my diamonds in Antwerp Diamond Fair

Tink Chocolate, shopping and diamond its all in Antwerp as i discovered during my trip.

Handcrafted chocolate from Chocolate line from their kitchen. Oops! i missed my gym session due to lots of  chocolate. chocolate

I was invited to the prestige Antwerp Diamond fair show  which was held from January 26-28. Diamond love Antwerp  according to Antwerp World diamond centre. I love it more because its because of its timeless beautiful.


Myself and the Queen of Diamonds in Chicago(Aleah Siegel) at the breakfast seminar on ‘why do we buy jewellery’).


More diamonds!


Different Fancy diamond. Don’t you just love them!fancy diamond

Myself with Alex Popov president of the Moscow Diamond Bourse.


“I never hated a man enough to give him diamonds back” Zsa Zsa Gabor

Nike Ademuyiwa

Designer at Tink Jewellery

Travel Inspiration(Barbados)

To live is to see the world in a different way and kiss the fragrance of the sun. Take a break and let your dreams come alive.

Barbados has mastered the art of fine living and they celebrate  living each day along the white sandy beach.

Imagine walking along Barbados beach with your love one, admiring the beautiful  humming birds and the rising of the sun. Discover the birthplace of rum,  fun water activities, shopping, nightlife and spa and wellness at Barbados. A perfect gateway away from the UK cold.


For more information on Barbados go to

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