Light in the Fall!!! Happy New Year

The New Year open doors of new opportunities and new discoveries of Love, Beauty, Travel  and Gift of Life. As a lover of Diamonds and Gemstone a sparkle of light is stunning yet breathtaking.

Enjoy the light in your new chapter of life and walk the path of romance, friendship and new beginnings.

Picture of Niagara Falls. The Lights That Refreshs My Soul.

Happy new year


Nike Ademuyiwa


Fashion News

Happy new year fashionista and Jewellery lovers.  This year  “If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree by Jim Rohn.

(1) One of my fab brand Miu Miu  has named Mia Wasikowksa as the face of the their spring/summer campaign. Mia Wasikowksa is an Australian actress and  who acted in Jane Eyre in 2011. We love her flawless skin, smile and figure. 

Picture copy of © Getty

 (2) Dylan Jones is now the chair of the British Fashion Council‘s Fashion 2012 Menswear Committee launching sometimes this year. Dylan has edited for  GQ Magazine for 13 years and would be  responsible and raising  awareness of British men’s  talent.

Picture copy right of David Levene

(3) My favourite  bag this season is Viva bag from Rebirth “You” collection because it is handcrafted,  attractive and funky just like my  personality.   The  YOU collection  is a testament to the ReBirth ideology of timeless, functional design. Versatile and diverse, the collection runs the gamut from light to dark, classic to contemporary, taking into account the lifestyle of the modern woman with an emphasis on transitional dressing.


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