How to make love

Love is an art work that is only collected by an art collector who knows it’s value. 

Love making start with giving of a diamond to symbolise the fire you both will make when the candle are out. 


The art of Love making are the story of two body set with diamonds. 

Love making is rare so are diamonds that tell story of love.

Whisper the word will you marry me and start the process of love making. 

Diamonds bring out the art of making love. 

Make love work for love. 




Nike Ademuyiwa

Wedding proposals Tips(Romantic Words)

Marriage on your mind? Tell your love story through romantic words and diamonds.
Romantic Words 
The candle of love is alight and fire burns in my soul,
I am slowly melting In the heat you have lit,
The heavens are pouring I can’t hold still,
so I am swimming in it like a fish.
Without you I’ll drown.
Tell me, when we can burn together in this fire
and puff the smoke of love?
Romantic Words
Singing bird, my silence about the way
I feel for you is making my whole world
Suddenly dark. I love to love you.
Could I be your soul food, singing bird, today.

Exact from Nike Ademuyiwa poetry collection Fire of love and singing birds. 

Love song by Alicia Keys & Maxwell – Fire We Make

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