Current Fashion Accessory Fetish (Guest Writer)

My favorite color is one which connotes forgiveness. It is the beautiful bubbly color Yellow and guess what… it is one of the colors associated with my birth month. I am a Virgo you see, and I like to pride my zodiac as being the most creative sign of them all and the Citrine stone is connected to the planetary stone for us Virgos.
The feature of this post is a beautiful handmade piece by Tink Jewellery; a brand where every piece tells a story. The owner describes the featured piece as a bespoke customized ring – “A Citrine stone set in white gold

I love the simplicity of this ring, yet the boldness it exudes. I like the clear cut edges and its well polished top. The blend of the color and the shimmer when it hits a light, this ring is perfectly structured to rest comfortably in place on one’s finger.

I am jewellery fetish and I have on previous occasions fallen in love with all forms of engagement rings but this year I realized that I would much rather be happy with a yellow stoned ring; like the Citrine ring set framed with white gold. I would proudly wear it as a constant reminder of my unending and undying love for my man for forever.

What better way to express love for a woman than buy her jewellery her friends can yak about for years to come? Buy her jewellery and watch her light up like a bulb. Plus it’s the perfect season to show love… It’s Christmas.

I would like to presume that if I have this featured ring strategically placed on my left ring finger; it would help me remember to always forgive. When I’m upset at him for something he has or has not done, I could look down at my left finger, upon seeing the pretty stone shinning right back at me I would be forced to think “Forgiveness is the way to go”!

It is believed that Citrine promotes creativity, helps clarity and eliminates self destructive tendencies. Ladies, I suggest you find out about your birthstones and have Tink Jewellery whip you something extra special and unique for eternity.

I am keeping my fingers crossed as I subtly drop hints of my current jewellery fetish for the Man of my dreams and hope that he graces me with this unusual but unique engagement ring.

About Guest Writer

Seyifunmi is a legal practitioner who loves the art of creative writing. She believes in the beauty of nature and is driven by her desire to make a difference in the lives of people around her. She loves life and loves God and constantly draws her source and inspiration from him. She blogs at


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