Beyonce(Five Reasons We Heart Beyonce)

 1-We heart Beyoncé  new video “Run The World (Girls)”. Love the concept of the video. 

2-Love Beyonce wearing african fabric(Ankra) in the video of  ‘Put It In a Love Song‘ with Alice Keys. The picture reminds me of Lagos in Nigeria.

3-Beyonce performing for the first time at Glastonbury festival.  Wellies and winter coats will be  needed for the festival  because the weather looks grim for Glastonbury.

4- I can’t get enough of  Beyonce wearing African fabric. Love the Ankra shorts she worn at her Mediterranean cruise last year. The shorts reminds me of  a similar design of Jewel by Lisa.

5- I heart Beyonce for giving to charity and encouraging woman to inspire for more.  

“From the moment Beyoncé took her first breath, her star was shining. What an honor it is for me to say that I danced with a true star” –Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds.

 Beyonce count down for her 4th Album:


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