Jewellery at the Royal Wedding

Kate wore a ravishing leave earrings with a pear shaped diamonds set using a technique called Pave setting.  Pear shape diamond personality type is conforming, considerate, adaptable, home and  community-centred.  The craftmanship of the jewellery  can been seen as each diamonds are set close as possible to each other. Kate’s earrings are exquisite, sophisticated and timeless. Katie’s wedding band was made from Welsh gold given to Prince William by the Queen. Welsh gold is extremely treasured  because of its origin and scarcity found in parts of Wales.

Below are the jewellery other famous guests worn
Samantha Cameron  goes for bold pendant to compliment her turquoise dress. Samantha’s pendant can be achieved by wearing sterling silver with resin or multi colour gemstones.
Victoria Beckham  worn a stud diamond earrings to compliment her out fit.  Love VB
Princess Victoria of Sweden wears a drop pendant. This jewellery can be achieve with sterling silver with cream fresh water pearls.
Fill in the blank:Prince Williams  did not wear a wedding band———–Tell us your views
Photo CreditUK Daily Mail

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