Christmas Gift

Tink was started only two years ago by Nike Ademuyiwa through a love for jewellery and the want to create something that is personal and beautiful to share with others. This Christmas our gift to you all is our love.


Love is the beginning of life,

Love is the words that I write to you

Love is the morning bird that

sings you a melody without asking.

Love can be silent like a smile,

when you ignore its calling.

Love is when you give a hug,

to a crying soul.

Love is making peace with the one

who cause you pain.

Love is creative when you look

for ways to help others.

Love makes you a diva

when you  pray for others.

Love enhances your beauty.

Love glows in the dark.

Love controls the inner anger,

Love whispers patience to the ears.

Love is the shadow you can’t stop.

Half a egg cufflinks from Tink Jewellery £70

Half a Egg studs from Tink Jewellery £27

Half a Egg pendant  from Tink Jewellery £90

For more information and to view this gorgeous jewellery log on to the new website,

Updates are also available on Twitter,

Nike Ademuyiwa

Creative Director


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